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Fancy Pants 4 is another game of The Fancy Pants Adventure series that has not been yet created. The Fancy Pants Adventure is a series of action platformer games which main character is Fancy Pants Man - a stickman with spiky, choppy hair wearing fancy orange pants. His hometown is Squiggleville - a small country town. Fancy Pants Man travels around different worlds, overcomes all sort of obstacles, collects squiggles and fights various enemies. At the end of each world Fancy Pants Man should defeat a boss. Probably, in Fancy Pants 4 he will do some similar things. The games of The Fancy Pants Adventure series are played with the keyboard. Fancy Pants 4 will appear on this site, when it is released. And for now, you can try the latest game of the series. Enjoy Fancy Pants 4. | Privacy policy